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condition referral program

The 'coffee at work' referral program offer applies on a one-time-only basis to each single company – so if your company is part of a group or chain that orders stock of retail products centrally (or has rules governing retail operations of franchisees or branches), there can only be one 'introducer' for that company.

There can only be one 'introducer' per company – we will rely on the confirmation from your company as to the identity of the first 'introducer'

Your reward can be your choice of either 10% of the order made by the company in cash (transfered via paypal or wire transfer) or 15% of the order in Evergreen products, subject to us having your chosen products in stock at the time of your request. Please inform us at of your choice once it is made.

The reward becomes due to the named 'introducer' at the point we receive full payment for a first order from your company.

This offer is for a limited time period only, and Evergreen reserves the right to cancel the offer or amend these terms and conditions at any point. We will of course honour our promise to give rewards for any prior introductions made in accordance with these terms.

Please do not, when dealing with your company, make any claims about the Evergreen Capsules (or any other Evergreen products) of your own account; please stick to the information contained on our website at

Any questions at all, please contact us any time at and we'll be happy to help

Thank you, we really appreciate your support of Evergreen.