Shipping Policy

We ship worldwide!

We offer a standard international tracked shipping option by default for each order. In some countries an express shipping option may be available. 

Cost of Shipping

Shipping is exceptionally free today!

(except for a few remote exception like French Polynesia).

Duration of Shipping

The expected delivery times vary from one country to another. Here is a list of the expected delivery times for countries we ship regularly to (from shipping date):

Please note that during sales period (Black Friday, end of year period etc.), these shipping times might be slightly longer

United Kingdom 6-9  days
Spain 6-9  days
France 6-9  days
Switzerland 7-10 days
Germany 7-10  days
USA 7-10  days
Italy 12-15  days
Argentina 12-15  days
Mexico 12-15  days
Colombia 12-15  days
Chile 12-15  days
Uruguay 12-15  days
Norway 12-15  days
The Netherlands 12-15  days
Canada 12-15  days
Honk Kong 12-15  days
Sweden 12-15  days
Portugal 12-15 days
New Zealand 12-15  days
Norway 15-18  days
Indonesia 15-18 days
Ireland 15-18  days
Denmark 15-18  days
Austria 15-18  days
Australia 15-18  days
Greece 15-18  days
Brazil 15-18 days
Qatar 18-21  days
United Arab Emirates 18-21  days
Israel 20  days
Saudi Arabia 20  days
Thailandia 20  days
Malaysia 20  days


Handling Time

The handling time (ie. the time between when an order is placed and when it gets shipped), is from 1 to 3 business days, except during December: to minimize the shipping delay we process orders in real time during this month.


For some countries we need additional information in order to dispatch correctly the order. Forgetting to state them during checkout will cause a delay in your order since we will have to contact you.

- South Korea: we need the tax/custom ID
- Chile: we need the RUT number
- Brazil: we need the CPF number