world coffee day

Let's celebrate International Coffee Week together

Meet our partners: coffee roasters from all over the world

Today is a special day for us and is the opportunity to put the spotlight on the coffee roasters that we have been partnering with, notably to distribute our capsules.
Just like Richard in the video, they are doing an amazing job, and they are thrilled to be able to provide their clients with an alternative to the Nespresso® capsules.
They understood quickly that our capsules offered them a chance to prove that their work, from sourcing in local plantations, to custom-made roasting and grinding, really offers value to their customers and can make a difference.

By popular demand we are extending the sale on some products for the whole week after International Coffee Day. The Limited Edition Packs below have ran out of stock so if you want to know when they will be back just leave your email on the product page and we'll warn you when it is the case.

As the End Of Year approaches, we thought it could come in handy to propose Limited Edition Packs that you can offer as a gift to your ecological friends
Please leave your email on the product page and we'll let you know when they are back in stock.

Limited Edition Packs - Starter Pack


This Limited Edition Packs - Starter Pack is a pack containing 1 Evergreen® Capsule for Nespresso® + 1 Tamper + 1 Dispenser.

This Limited Edition Packs - Expert Pack


Contains 3 Evergreen® Capsules for Nespresso® + 1 Tamper + 1 Dispenser + 1 Manual Grinder + 1 C02 valve Coffee Container.