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• Dieses Modell ist kompatibel mit Nespresso® (für andere Modelle siehe hier)



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Evergreen Capsules® können unendlich oft wiederverwendet werden


Sparen Sie bis zu 85% bei Ihren Kaffeeausgaben

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Verschenken Sie Evergreen Capsules® an ein Familienmitglied, einen umweltbewussten Freund oder einfach an einen Kaffeeliebhaber.

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Die Kapseln sind sehr einfach zu benutzen und zu waschen. Sie können auch in der Spülmaschine gewaschen werden


Im Durchschnitt sparen Haushalte, die Evergreen Capsules® verwenden, während der Lebensdauer ihrer Kapseln rund 10.000 Euros.

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Evergreen Capsules® ist das perfekte Geschenk für ein Familienmitglied, einen umweltbewussten Freund oder einen Kaffeeliebhaber


The Evergreen Capsules® for Nespresso® are compatible with all the machines made after 2008. Here are some examples

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Great coffee pods! I was concerned about the amount of plastic waste so when I saw the advertisement for the pods I knew I had found the right product for me. I’ve settled on buying whole beans and grinding my own coffee to obtain the blend I love. After a mix up with my initial order customer services were great and issued a refund on the same day. I would definitely recommend this product!

Evergreen Capsules Evergreen® Reusable Capsule for Nespresso® Review

I’ve used the system for seven months now, and it’s getting better and better. The new style Nespresso replacements with the ‘dolphin’ design hole in the lid allows a very good flow of coffee, and can cope with a full and fully tamped capsule fill. It’s a significant improvement on the earlier design. Coffee is coming out stronger and more flavoursome, and with as good a crema as I previously achieved with original Nespresso. I’ve also tried the disposable foil lids and these work very well too, allowing a slightly greater fill, and breathing new life in to my capsules with the old lid design. Excellent, responsive customer service too. Thoroughly recommended.

Evergreen Capsules Evergreen® Reusable Capsule for Nespresso® Review

One of the best decisions I have made I was very pleased with my Evergreen purchase. The capsule arrived in good time and was excellent quality. My only problem, and my advice to anyone, is I should have bought 2 capsules. When making coffee it is common to be making more than 1 cup at a time. Having a second capsule means you can have it ready as soon as the first cup is made and while the second cup is brewing you can empty and refill the 1st capsule.

Evergreen Capsules Evergreen® Reusable Capsule for Nespresso® Review

Extremely pleased with my capsules. You need to understand how to use them properly at the beginning (i recommend reading the "tips" page on the Evergreen website). Once you get it (grind size, amount of coffee, tamping pressure etc), it becomes a real pleasure. The quality of the espresso you get will depend on the quality of the coffee you use (the lavazza qualita oro works amazing). In terms of strength, when i want to have my espresso stronger, i actually use the single-use lids which enable to pack more coffee in the capsule than the reusable lids. Finally, the savings are real compared to single-use capsules which cost a fortune. I strongly recommend this brand !

Evergreen Capsules Evergreen® Reusable Capsule for Nespresso® Review

I’ve been using the Evergreen Capsule now for a few days and am delighted with the results. The capsule works really well in my Nespresso CitiZ machine and I have been experimenting with the amount of coffee granules to place in the capsule and also with different coffee types to find the perfect blend. It’s early days, but the build quality of the capsule and the tamper are first class, so I’m hopeful of many more great cups of coffee!

Evergreen Capsules Evergreen® Reusable Capsule for Nespresso® Review

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Nespresso® ist eine eingetragene Marke, die in keiner Weise mit Evergreen Capsules® in Verbindung steht, wir verwenden ihren Namen lediglich, um die Kompatibilität mit unseren Kapseln anzuzeigen.