Evergreen® Reusable Capsule for Nespresso® with single-use lids

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• Help the planet and the environment
• Save up to 85% on your coffee spending
• Choose the coffee you like
• This model is compatible with Nespresso® (for other systems see here)


60-Day Money Back Garantee

Not sure about our capsules? You have 60 days to test them!

Why single-use lids?

This single-use lid is to be used only once but it has some advantages compared to the regular reusable lids: it will take less space and therefore allow you to put more coffee into the capsule (and to insert the capsules more easily in some machines).
On average, the quality of the espresso brewed by our customers were more satisfactory with the single-use lids.

In terms of waste, please note that depending on the brands, the aluminium foil represents only around 5% of the empty single-use capsule's weight, so you will still be making considerable waste reduction (~95%) for the Planet.

In terms of savings, a single-use lids costs 9 cents vs 40 cents for a Nespresso® capsule. So taking into account a good quality coffee, you will still be saving 50% compared to standard capsules.

Your New Coffee Ritual

It takes 20 seconds to make a coffee with Evergreen Capsules.
And it creates exactly 0 waste.


Happy customers

It's your turn to join the Evergreen Family.

The Ultimate Coffee Capsule


Evergreen Capsules® can be reused infinitely


Save up to 85% on your coffee spendings

The Perfect Gift

Offer Evergreen Capsules® to a family member, eco-responsible friends, or just any coffee lover

Easy to Use

The capsules are very easy use and to wash. They can also go in the dishwasher


On average, households who use Evergreen Capsules® save about 10,000 Euros during the lifespan of their capsules.

Savings & Impact Calculator




Easy to use

Fill it, Tamp it, Close it
Enjoy your coffee ;-)

Our customers love using their Evergreen Capsules.

Make Someone Happy

Evergreen Capsules® is the perfect gift to a family member, an eco-responsible friend or any coffee lover.


The Evergreen Capsules® for Nespresso® with singe use lids are compatible with almost all the machines.

You have a different system?

No problem. We have a capsule for it.

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Nespresso® is a registered trademark that is not linked in anyway to Evergreen Capsules®, we are merely using their name to indicate compatibility with our capsules.