Ground coffee from SHB International for Evergreen® Capsules

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Quantity: 3 x 250 grams

Enjoy our specialty coffee roasted and ground in Barcelona for the Evergreen Capsules®

At the moment we only ship our ground coffee to the following European countries:
Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland.

Please note that, since the coffees are not ground in advance to ensure their freshness, they are shipped from a different place than the capsules. If you buy coffee and capsules in the same order, they will arrive a few days appart, this is normal.

Comes by pack of 3 bags of 250 grams (the Evergreen, Aroma and Balanced Blends altogether), The blends are the result of weeks of testing, making them the perfect fit for our capsules.

 Evergreen Espresso Cremosso Blend:
- Blend: Guatemala / Brasil / India
- Arabica / canephora
- Variety: Catuai / Robusta
- Process: Washed / Natural
- Medium Dark Roast
- Spicy / Caramel / Fruity / Vanilla / Chocolate / Creamy
- Tips: to get the best results we advise a very light tamping. Do not press the coffee too much in the capsule. This coffee is stronger and more intense than the two other blends.

 Evergreen Balanced Blend:
-Blend: Brasil / India / Guatemala
-Species: Coffea arabica / Coffea canephora
-Varierty: Catuai, Bourbón, Robusta, Conillon
-Process: Natural/ washed wild fermentation
-Medium Dark Roast
-Resinoceus / Sweet / Floral / Caramel / Chocolate / Creamy / Smooth / Complete
-Tips: Don’t press very much in the capsule, but fill completely with coffee. Very good to drink alone, the flavor is sweet and smooth

 Evergreen Aroma Blend:
-Blend: Brasil, India, Colombia
-Species: Coffea arabica/ Coffea canephora
-Varierty: Catuai, Castillo, /Robusta, Conillon
-Process: Natural/ washed wild fermentation low temperature
-Medium and Dark Roast
-Intense / Spicy/ Smoke/ Resinoceus / Almonds / dry fruits / Mellow / Floral / Caramel / Vanilla / Chocolate / Creamy / Round / Complete
-Tips: Fill completely the capsule with coffee, don press to much for sweeter flavor and better density sensation in mouth

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected shipping time?
To keep the coffee as fresh as possible when you receive it, we send the coffee with express 3-5 days shipping.

How many cups of coffee do you get in one bag?
In one of our coffee bags, you get 250 grams of coffee, ie 50 cups of coffee. You get a maximum of about 25 cups of coffee for the same price from Nespresso and other single-use capsule companies. That’s a 50% saving on every cup!

Is your coffee fair-trade certified?
SHB Caffé coffees have the certifications from Cafemundi, a European organisation that fights extreme poverty in coffee producers plantations around the world.

Where is your coffee roasted?
Our coffee is roasted in Barcelona by Pablo Contreras, one of Mexico's best roaster.

Can the coffee ground be used with other types of coffee brewers?
Yes, the coffee can also be used in a Moka pot to enjoy it differently.